"Tir Nan Og is a place from ancient times.... from Irish Celtic mythology. It's said to be a place where there is no illness or death and people who lived there never grew old. They were eternally young, beautiful and happy. Their days were spent in enjoyment of all things pleasurable and they were never in need for food or drink.

Tir nan Og was considered a place beyond the edges of the map, located on an island far to the west. It could be reached by either an arduous voyage or an invitation from one of its fairy residents."      (quoted from Wikipedia)


I have always liked this myth. Sounds like a wonderful place, doesn't it... never grow old or sick..... enjoy beautiful surroundings.... lots of food and drink....and play all day. It would be very hard to turn down an invitation extended by those fairy residents of Tir Nan Og.     However..... I suspect that we're stuck with reality...... and I guess it would be wise to make our own reality the best that we can manage.

You may find some things of interest here. The site is a work in progress and other pages will be added as time goes on. Click the buttons above to be taken to the various links. Although it isn't the Tir Nan Og of that lovely myth, I hope you enjoy your visit here.